The “New Normal”: A self-fulfilling prophecy?

A self-fulfilling prophecy is a sociological term used to describe a prediction that causes itself to become true. The process by which a person’s expectations about something or someone can lead to that something or someone becoming or behaving in ways which confirm the expectations.”

From all the popular terms coming out of the current epidemic, surely is “new normal” the one that I abhor the most. We are currently bombarded by the constant pushing of the term “new normal” from all corners of society. Politicians, journalists and self-proccalimed “experts” all use it as some kind of brainwashing mantra. Normal is something ordinary, usual. Normal is average, it is typical, it is predictable. What we are going through today is not normal.

What is normal about wearing a mask? What is normal about not seeing another person’s face, expression, smile, emotions? What is normal about social-distancing? What is normal about not shaking hands, hugging, or kissing? What we are currently experiencing is painful, and highly abnormal for human beings. How can anyone call this “normal”?

Humanity is going through an exceptional period, which is better characterized as a gigantic obstruction, disturbance, interruption, suspension. Nothing normal about it. The term “new normal” is being used as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Worse, it carries an acceptance of defeat. For this, it should be rejected. This is a time of great challenge. An abnormal time before the next normal.

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