Pedalboard update v4

Guitar pedalboard v4 sees the replacement of one of the first pedals I have had acquired, the JAM multi pedal (overdrive, chorus and delay). The analog nature of this pedal was a limitation in a board that is now mostly digital. The SUNSET overdrive from Strymon is in fact two pedals in one, and a hybrid of analog and digital, including MIDI control, i.e. the best of both worlds. It’s a more than worthy replacement of the TubeScreamer featured in the old JAM multi pedal.

SYNESTHESIA is to the WaterFall JAM chorus what SUNSET is to its TubeScreamer.  Also a double pedal with different configurations available: cascade, parallel and L/R stereo split. It does chorus, flanger, phaser, univibe and so much more. Luckily, also MIDI capable. Analog delay DelayLlama from the JAM multipedal, will be missed. But it was not being used very much, as it began running into overhead issues (input saturated fairly quickly). It was last heard on “When God Created Peer Review”the third track of my “Chiral Centers” disk, making the spacey sounds that begin the track and provide the background throughout the piece.

Time will tell whether a new delay may someday enter the board. For now, DIG is sufficient as full time delay. Notably, several other pedals in our twin board offer delay capabilities, namely ENZO, HEDRA and now SYNESTHESIA. Observant readers may note there is a small free space at the top left corner…

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