What’s in a label?

We have a small vineyard in Mendoza. Vineyards make wine and wine has to be bottled and bottles bear labels. So, what’s in a label? As we begun thinking about this, there were some elements that had to be there. The Andes mountains. A pleasing and elegant off-white background. Our names in a modern font. And the place, Valle de Uco (aka Uco Valley). What else? Tradition has it that family wines carry the emblems of the family. And so the Marketing team at The Vines Of Mendoza took inspiration from those emblems and prepared three designs for the three wines we are producing with the 2023 vintage, Malbec Reserva, Malbec Grand Reserva (barrel fermented) and a Blend.

These are the current drafts of the designs and we expect a few minor changes along the way.  Bottling starts in August/September 2024 after 16 or so months aging in oak barrels. The next challenge will be to distribute them to all our friends that are anxiously waiting to try them. More soon.

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