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A treasure trove for jazz lovers

Musica degradata

In its first year of existence, the music blog Musica degradata has already posted over 400 entries of rare live concerts and ripped vinyls from the whole spectrum of contemporary jazz. The blog is a special treat for ECM fans, as the posts include incredible performances from many of its artists during the golden years of the label. Most of the recordings have quite decent sound quality and can be downloaded through an external site. Well worth periodic visits and a subscription to its RSS feed.

Live Jazz Lounge blog celebrates first anniversary

Live Jazz Lounge blog celebrates its first anniversary featuring a solo piano concert by Brazilian composer and multi-instrumentalist Egberto Gismonti, recorded for Buenos Aires radio in 1981. A rare gem that few knew it existed.

Text from the Live Jazz Lounge anniversary post:

Live Jazz Lounge celebrates its first anniversary with a rare jewel from the bottom of the archives. In its first year, Live Jazz Lounge featured over 140 hours of music from 100 concerts by over 260 artists. It received over 43,000 visitors from 77 countries. Live Jazz Lounge only presents material that is freely accessible and not sold commercially. Live Jazz Lounge is a totally non-profit, commercial-free enterprise, fueled soley by the love for this great music. It has already received praise and gratitude from many of the featured artists. Thanks for visitng, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE: support these wonderful artists by purchasing their recordings. This can easily be done by clicking on the “Related recording” thumbnail. (Disclaimer: links are only provided for promotion of the artists’ work; Live Jazz Lounge makes no profit whatsoever from your purchase). Peace, love and jazz. /LJL

Live Jazz Lounge: unreleased recordings of live jazz from around the world

Music blog Live Jazz Lounge, launched January 2012, already has over 35 posts featuring unreleased live jazz concerts anywhere from Buenos Aires to New York to  Stockholm to London, with entries from the 1970s to the present. At the time of this writing, over 4,500 visitors have so far been on the site. In addition to concert info, the site provides links to purchase albums related to the featured concerts, and the site’s header features all original photographs from live jazz concerts.